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Catherine Niederhauser

Catherine Niederhauser
rue Grand-Chêne 8
7008, Lausanne
19th Century, 20th Century, Swiss, French, Contemporary, Modern Art
CLAVÉ Antoni, *Avec Deux Points*, 1973, courtesy of Catherine Niederhauser
CLAVÉ Antoni, Avec Deux Points, 1973, courtesy of Catherine Niederhauser

Catherine Niederhauser, art consultant and gallery, was founded in 1980. Both activities have been developed since then, equally. Catherine Niederhauser is particularly well-known for estate, insurance and auction sales inventories. The gallery is dedicated to all kinds of art and creation, without any specialization - Catherine Niederhauser is considered as a general practitioner. From Fall 2022, the gallery will establish a special focus on Comic Art, especially on comic book illustrators.


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